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Introduction To Secure Socket Layer (ssl)

What is SSL? Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a tool that is used to encrypt data that is being transmitted to and from...

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Layer Your Kitchen Lighting for the Best Effect

If you have an unremodeled kitchen from the 50s or 60s, chances are it’s lit by one ceiling-mounted fixture....

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How To Make A Chocolate Strawberry Layer Cake

Chocolate and strawberries!  What could be better?  There is just something about the two together that really...

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Build A Shower Pan — Layer By Layer

Build a shower pan properly and it should last for decades. Get it wrong and you soon find out. Building a shower...

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Ethernet Physical Layer

Physical layers Xerox experimental Ethernet Name Description Xerox Ethernet The original, 3 Mbit/s...

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Spyder layer

Have you ever heared of a shell with a Spyder layer or what any other things you have seen? There are a couple...

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