Skin Rules

All the skin care tips and information you need

Faster Hair Growth

Getting Faster Hair Growth Everyone, especially females, want faster hair growth. This could be due to many reasons such as an upcoming event or even just to boost their esteem. Long hair has been the goal for many people at this age and time. It's considered to be...

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Homemade Skin Care

Lately , I have read some things about homemade skin care formulas stating that they are every bit as effective as anything that you could buy over the counter . It is certainly true that recipes calling for the use of all natural ingredients are far safer for you to...

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The 5 Rules for Great Skin

Sometimes we become obsessed with the cosmetics aisle looking for magical ingredients to give us soft, supple and radiant skin.  While many products can boost your appearance and offer you some nourishment, your efforts are in vain if you're not following the basic...

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