Skin Rules

All the skin care tips and information you need

Valuable skin care tips

Eat balanced diet to get glowing skin. Shun junk foods and excess sugar from your diet to get good skin texture. Fill your food regime with nutritious food items. Fresh fruits and vegetables are suggested by every one to get good and attractive skin. Drink plenty of...

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The Five Myths of Hair Care Routine

The trend of taking serious care for the crown area of the human head has been gradually becoming the most favorite aspect of the human beauty routines. From the cleansing of the hair, unique cutting to stylize it to suit individual taste, to coloring, straightening...

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The Three Golden Rules

All of us have the same common reasons regarding on why we need to learn martial arts. Let's face the fact that, all of us needs to learn self defense, in order to protect our self and the people we love. We cannot stop the time, so ready yourself that there will...

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